Motion on Mainstreet Motion on Mainstreet
2329 West Main Street, #107
Littleton, CO 80120
Main: 303-797-0988
Fax: 303-797-8011

About Us

If you are driving west on Main Street in Olde Town Littleton you may notice our sign in the Littletown Office Building at 2329 West Main Street. We are Motion On Mainstreet, an integrative, professional Pilates, yoga, and wellness center. We offer traditional physical therapy services, specialized physical therapy, occupational therapy, therapeutic massage, Rehabilitative Pilates & Yoga Therapy (for breath training, rejuvenation & injury rehab), movement therapy, and Pilates Reformer classes.

View of studio from street

We attentively serve people from all walks and ability levels providing paramount quality and care. Our goal is to help them achieve their goals. The following are a few examples of whom we can help:

  • People with any type of injury or pain who are searching for relief and healing
  • Serious athletes or dance professionals seeking to be on the leading edge
  • Active adults looking for ongoing fitness classes
  • Pregnant women striving to maintain fitness and strength during pregnancy
  • Recreational sport enthusiasts improving themselves and their game
  • Seniors desiring to maintain strength, energy and flexibility
  • Couch potatoes looking for a glimpse of what's possible!

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