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Pilates Rehabilitation and Conditioning (clinical applications)

The hallmark of our Pilates program, Rehabilitative Pilates serves as a healing aid for anyone seeking to recover from injury, weakness from trauma, inactivity or illness, and for recovery from disease such as multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, scoliosis, or stroke.

Rehabilitation session

At Motion On Mainstreet, we put into action the cutting edge benefits of Rehabilitative Pilates. Our Pilates instructors have knowledge and training in the science of movement (Kinesiology), strength training, body mechanics and posture. They are experienced at working to resolve a wide variety of pain conditions and trauma resulting from athletic injury, automobile accident, falls, sprains, strains, and more.


Rehabilitative Pilates Promotes Improved Posture, Strength, Balance, Flexibility and Control

Sensory-motor Amnesia is a term that describes the brain’s diminished ability to accurately monitor movement patterns and its decreased ability to sense or feel a certain area of the body. As an example, if a person is asked to slowly rotate their head from side to side, an observer may see that there are jerks and pauses in the motion as it occurs. Coupled with the breakdown of smooth, graceful movement, muscle tension or weakness will also be present. If there is muscle tension, it is most likely because the brain has lost awareness of the normal resting position of the muscles involved. This leads to postural distortions, poor movement patterns and pain. In conjunction, the person will have a reduced ability to sense or feel the effected area. This means that the brain has difficulty monitoring perception of touch and also has difficulty sensing where a body part such as the arm & hand are as they are moved in space.

Rehabilitative Pilates and somatic movement therapy work toward correcting these problems by re-training the neuromuscular system (repatterning) and “re-awakening the mind’s control over movement, flexibility and health”. This is accomplished by giving the patient active movement practices that are designed to help restore graceful movement, teach the diaphragmatic breath, and place emphasis on maintaining core stability. Our systematic approach is sequential and typically starts with floor (mat) work. The learning process begins by giving the patient active movement practices that are designed to restore graceful movement while teaching the diaphragmatic breath. Also, emphasis is placed on maintaining core spinal stability and balance.

When ready, the Pilates instructor will transition the person from assisted exercise to resistive exercises which also integrate functional movement, optimal breathing and core stabilizing practices. When appropriate, your instructor may include the use of advanced specialized equipment such as the Pilates Reformer or Trapeze Table, ingenious exercise devices that add fun, challenge and versatility to the Pilates experience. Fit balls, resistive bands, foam rollers and other useful therapy tools may be used depending on the persons needs. These devices can also enhance the home exercise program that your instructor will help you develop and hone.

Rehabilitative Pilates works well on its own, but also offers key assistance to physical therapy, occupational therapy, myofascial release, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, orthopedic surgery, osteopathic medicine, chiropractic, prenatal care, sports medicine, and dance medicine. Many of these modalities can be provided in-house, or referred out to select health professionals who endorse and understand the benefits of Rehabilitative Pilates, good communication and teamwork.

Rehabilitation session

Motion on Mainstreet refers to its affiliate, the Colorado Center for Physical Therapy which is conveniently located in-house for additional physical, occupational, or neuromuscular therapy assistance. If you are in need of physical therapy or professional deep tissue massage therapy, call us today for more information.

Our focused approach to healing can be covered by insurance* if prescribed by a licensed doctor (general practitioner, specialist, chiropractor, or osteopathic doctor) or reimbursed by your medical savings account. Our cash prices are competitive with discounts available when discount packages are purchased for multiple visits. We also offer senior discounts.

* Most Insurance Accepted. Call us and we will help determine if you will be covered at our facility.